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PVCu is a lot kinder to the planet than you might think. It’s very durable and products made from it need replacing less frequently. At the end of a long life, PVCu products can be easily recycled. In fact, a lot of our frames already contain recycled materials, but don’t worry, there’s absolutely no compromise on appearance or performance. Because maintenance is as simple as a wipe with a soapy cloth, there’s no painting or wood preservative to worry about, and because PVCu is a good insulator, using it to make windows helps to reduce your carbon emissions.

We’re committed to providing the best quality, high-performing, stylish, energy-efficient and secure windows to our customers. We’re committed to ensuring a smooth, hassle free and straightforward installation from our friendly team and we’re committed, 100%, to your satisfaction.

Every component in a frame is of market-leading quality and all frames carry our ten year Insurance-backed guarantee from the manufactory.